10 Ways GST will affect Malaysians lifestyle

gst lifestyle
1. Watching movies in the cinema will require you to pay an additional 6% GST + 25% Entertainments Duty..That’s 31% tax on movie tickets

movie ticket

2. Topping up your mobile phone will no longer be the same 
Below will be the new prices to top up your phone:

Current PriceNew Price Effective 1st April 2015

dino thinking
3. GST will be imposed on ice creams as well. YES, you heard me right ICE CREAMS. No more 50 cents ice cream from the ice cream man. Well folks you know what to do now. GO ON A ICE CREAM BUFFET!!

touch my ice cream and ill cut you

4. Beauty is Duty
Well ladies and some gentlemen, on the 1st of April 2015, nail saloons, nail colour, lipsticks and saloons will be subjected to GST.
beauty is beauty
5. Buying a new watch now also takboleh..Tambah GST lagilahtakboleh!

diamonds are fake

6. If you are changing your face anytime soon (plastic surgery), you better move fast as all cosmetic surgery treatment will be imposed GST


7. And paying for your car parking ticket will look like this

menara luxor

8. Karaoke also got GST… I should go karaoke and sing till I get sick of singing till the 1st of April

dr evil

9. Buying new iPhone 6 cost RM2,400..Once the 6% GST is implemented it will cost RM2400 + RM144?? And same goes to other electronic products.


If you are planning to get a new mobile phone or any electronic device by next month, do it now!! Get your device now as all electronic devices which (includes mobile phones, computes, iPad and tablets) will be subjected to GST.
10. For those of you who have been filling up your Myvi with RON97…You can continue doing the same.

pump ron 97

Since RON 97 price is tax free for now, you can pump RON97 petrol for your Myvi. The deputy Finance Minister, during a briefing on income tax, here, revealed that RON97 consumption in Malaysia was less than 3%.
 Well, not everything will be subjected to GST some things are #StillTheSame:-
1. You can still shop for groceries in the supermarket like how you used to..House parties still goes on


2. You can go fast and furious if your car uses RON95 and Diesel


3. Tolls? Pffffftt – Still a baller in this region (Definition of “Baller”: a thug that is living large, orang kaya raya, make it rain)


4. Public Transports no GST too bro! So, you can ride along the LRT and so on like a gangsta!

thug life

5.And we save the last for the foodies..Apparently Domino’s Pizza also #StillTheSame!

domino pizza malaysia

This is what Domino’s is promising us: ”Before GST, after GST, our pizzas are #StillTheSame. Same value, same satisfying taste. And we promise you’ll #PaySameOrLess.” That’s right folks, you will be paying the same amount or even lesser once GST is introduced on 1st of April 2015.

Domino's Pizza is regarded by the industry as being the pioneer of pizza delivery and the undisputed "The Pizza Delivery Experts".