10 Types Of Travelers In Klang Valley

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1. The Food Hunter


There is one thing in mind when it comes to these travelers. And that is food. They will try all the food in the place they travel to and say “Food in Malaysia still the best la”.

2. The Girls Hunter

sexy thai-compressed

Aheem Aheem.. We all know of a fact what you guys did in Thailand. Everyone knows.

3. Millennials cannot survive without internet. That’s one of the basic needs including food, air and water. 🙂

Image: kinkybluefairy.net
Image: kinkybluefairy.net

When it comes to traveling outside the country, many Malaysians tend to use roaming which could be costly. And some of them purchase a new sim-card with data. But all of those limit you from using internet on other devices such as your tablet and laptop.

What if we tell you that you can travel to other countries with unlimited Wi-Fi which also allows you to share the costs with your friends?

That’s right! You can now do that with Travel Recommends 

4. The Party Goers 


For the party happy traveler, everyday is a holiday and it’s never too early to grab a beer.

Things that they will say: “When are we gonna start drinking?” —they say at 8 a.m.

They have plenty of stories that starts with, ‘’This one time I was drunk and …’’

5. The one who brings the whole wardrobe (like literally)

whole wardrobe

Common among girls. (Haters gonna hate)

6. The Complainer 

shower small

Expects everything to be exactly like it is at home. Complains when it isn’t.

7. The one who always forget to bring something important


Every god damn time!!!!! (i.e. universal port, charger, powerbank,…….. extra underwear)

8. The Budget Traveler 

little soaps

These are the people who book their flight 1 year in advance.

9. The one who can’t stop shopping


Their sole purpose to visit the country is just to shop. They visit shopping malls more than places.

10. The one who explores 

lets explore

These specific travelers don’t need a tour guide with them. All they need is a map and internet connection to explore every corner of a particular country on their own.

Written by Travel Recommends

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