10 Things only Malaysians who went to All Boys’ School will LEARN

boys school malaysia-compressed

1. Here is where we learn how to call our friends by using their nama bapak

2. We also learn the word vandalism because vandalism in a Malaysian all boys school is very common…This desk below is a clear example

vandalised table

3. There was always that one hot teacher that everyone had a crush on…And we learn that we should not ponteng her classes

hot teacher malaysia

4. We also learn that:

Prefects/pengawas = Police

Cikgu discipline = Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

Cikgu-cikgu sekalian = Ministers

Principle = Prime Minister

P.S – If our principle is the actual Prime Minister of Malaysia, he/she will still be a better Prime Minister compared to Jibby

5. Speaking about pengawas, we learn WHERE to hide our phones and the pengawas will never want to check THERE because they will regret it if they found nothing and touch SOMETHING else

Because when THAT happens, we’ll never look at the pengawas the same way again.

6. Since there are no girls in our school, we learn that the only place that we can hit on ladies is in tuition centers..That’s the main reason we go tuition centers


7. We learn that our house toilet is ALWAYS wayyy wayyyy wayyyyyy cleaner compared to our school toilet

school toilets

8. Besides the Biology text book (Chapter: Reproductive System), we learn a more detailed version of sexual intercourse from our friends

reproductive system-compressed

9. And this is the place we learn how to talk cock sing song GODLIKE level

keep calm

10. But we also learn that in a Malaysian All Boys School, no one cares what bike/car you drive, no one cares how much pocket money we bring to school and no one cares what we wear because we all wear the same shit and we all get along very well together no matter what race we are

But once we entered the working/college/university life, everyone started to be “more caring”. Seems like the fun stops right there 🙁

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