10 Things only Malaysians who drives a Proton will understand

proton saga malaysia-compressed

1. When we first purchase a brand new Proton, it is like the best feeling ever!

new proton-compressed

2. Everthing about it is COOL! Even the smell of it on the inside

new proton interior

3. Then we started to realize that the brand lacks prestige 

proton prestige-compressed

4. And it will make us look as if we couldn’t afford anything else

best proton waja

5. It will come to a point where we feel embarrassed to tell people that we roll in a Proton

have a car its a proton-compressed

6. One of the main reason for all the above is because of the fact that the cars they produce are often copies of Mitsubishis or Hondas. 

proton inspira

7. But then we also realize that Proton car parts are easily available in Malaysia

proton genuine parts

8. And they are definitely better than China cars

car made in china

9. In the end, what really matters is that as long as we are comfortable with it

proton car best

10. But, they seriously NEED to fix their power window failure issue at least

proton car power window

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