10 Things Malaysians will realize when they are in College/University

college realize malaysians

1. You will realize that your parents are the best people on earth

2. Nothing beats the good old times during high school

high school

3. Speaking of high school, dating is much easier and of course cheaper during high school compared to college/university

4. The boys will realize that getting a girlfriend is all about money and looks. The girls on the other hand realize that getting into a relationship is all about trust

let me see if i can

5. Money is always an issue

6. Sleeping became part of your hobby…(Remember during high school when you used to really hate sleeping?)

love sleeping

7. You will realize that you want to be 21 years old, however, once you are 21 and above all you wish for is to be 18 again

8. Living without your phone and computer/laptop/tablet seems IMPOSSIBLE

what time it is

9. You will realize how hideous your hair used to look like and how stupid you used to act (And of course, you will be embarrassed about it)

10. The only thing that you never realize is the fact that you still do your homework/assignments last minute

rushing for assignments

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