10 Things Malaysians Used to Lose During Primary School

beloved pilot shaker

1. Erasers

faber castell

2. Your beloved Pilot Shaker

pilot shaker

3. Name tags – (Nowadays most schools encourage parents to stitch the name tags on their school uniforms to avoid missing name tags)

school students nametags malaysia

4. Usually a few color pencils tend to go missing from the whole coloring box

color pencils

5. Hair clips, hair bands, pocket mirrors – (Mostly the girls loses these)

pocket mirrors

6. These sharpeners


7. Cool key chains


8. This pencil!!! One of the refill will somehow go missing and the pencil can no longer be used


9. Buncho Leads

buncho leads

10. Water bottles – (We will begin primary school with some pretty cool water bottle like what you see in the image below and by the end of the year, we will end up with some Spritzer bottle or something)

water bottle

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