10 Facts About Zouk @ TREC Kuala Lumpur

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1. Zouk @ TREC is currently the biggest nightclub in Malaysia

2. On top of that, it is also the best looking club too

3. For those of you who don’t know, there are a number of rooms for you to choose to spend your night @ Zouk

  • Zouk Mainroom – Semua melayu + mat salleh/ ang mo + middle eastern people (I don’t know how you guys get along)
  • ACE – It’s like a small community which is not suppose to exist
  • Phuture – The people you find here are all “cool”. Nothing beats their “coolness”.
  • Velvet – Sugar daddies with their MOETS. If you are a gold digger, this is the place to be.
  • Members Lounge – People who can’t manage to get a table in Phuture or Velvet usually ends up here. (Btw, can you guys deem the lights a little more? You think this one massage centre ah?)
  • Imperial – Rick kids spending father’s money
  • Zouk Cafe Bar – This is the place to be if you are drunk…

Not here

not here-compressed
Image Credit: thecoverage.my

4. The famous Zouk slide

Image Credit: lifestyleasia.com
Image Credit: lifestyleasia.com

The Zouk slide can be seen clearly in Member’s lounge. Basically the people sliding down here are from Imperial (the rich kids). At times you can see some patrons (I know who you are) from Phuture and Velvet climbing up the slide (like illegal immigrants) to peek how Imperial looks like BUT Zouk is smart enough to hire a bouncer specifically to stop this from happening.

5. Parking

We suggest you guys to take Grab or Uber, however, if you really want to drive home drunk, there are few parking areas available.

  • Open car park – Priced at RM WTF or RM30
  • RHB Bank – Which is further than Zouk but cheaper
  • Zouk basement parking

To cut it short, here is an image of all the nearby parking facilities:

parking zouk

6. Indians can’t really be found in Zouk because most of them are in Avalon

7. If you tip the toilet attendant, they will give you a free chewing gum and they will treat you like king

Kudos to those guys. They are the people who make Zouk toilets look like nothing happen although you know people are puking there every hour.

8. It is nice to have a lok-lok truck outside of Zouk after a fun night of partying

Unfortunately, the lok-lok uncle thinks we all drive Ferrari…The price is just ridiculous

9. Speaking of ridiculous price, if you think you can’t manage the prices at Zouk, here are some options on how to have an epic night at a low cost

  • Head over to the nearest liquor store and get 3 beer cans for RM11. Down the whole thing and get in Zouk with cover charge or with guest list
  • Get in Zouk with guest list and purchase their Long Island jugs. 2 jugs for RM110
  • Purchase a small bottle of liquor at the nearest liquor store. Get a lady friend and insert the small bottle in her purse. Enter Zouk by guest list or cover charge and you know what to do.  (Just don’t get caught by the security) – We will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure.

10. Although some part of us miss the old Zouk,

zouk in kl
Image Credit: skyscrappercity.com

times have changed and the new Zouk @ TREC is beyond expectation and it still can be said as the best nightclub in Malaysia


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