10 Facts About SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara

1. The school used to only have morning sessions but now they also have afternoon sessions to accommodate the large amount of students.
2. Majority of the students are Chinese and Malays. Indians are considered minorities in the school
3. The Bilik Persalinan (Changing Room), is usually for smoking, making out and sometimes students host gang fights.
4. Sometimes, you can see during recess a fight will suddenly break out. You might think oh wow, what a peaceful and wonderful day, and BAM!!, some students suddenly start fighting with each other
5. Indian students usually wear boot cut pants, whereas Malay students usually wear Carrot Cut pants. Chinese students usually wear standard school pants. If you wear other than the standard school pants and you were caught by the discipline teacher, your punishment is that you have to wear a Sarung the whole day until the school ends of that particular day.
6. Few years back, some students used to gamble at the stairway (block c).  If you need to make some quick cash well that is the place you go to make your money.
7. Students usually hang at this restaurant call Kedai Botak. It is also a ponteng spot for many students. This place is famous among students and teachers.
8. Cikgu Ghalib was once the most feared teacher before.
9. Prefects are pretty lenient.
10. There were some businessman in the school as some students used to make money from selling cigarettes and selling pornographic videos to other students.

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