Youtube app now supports 60fps playbacks on Android and iOS

Google recently has been rolling out high frame rate (HFR) video and it is in the Youtube’s ecosystem for a couple of months now.
Google has finally announced that the YouTube mobile app for both iOS and Android will now feature 60 FPS playback. You can now watch videos with the same silky smooth playback that you see on your TV
The new high frame rate support appears to have been turned on via a change on the server end, so you shouldn’t need to update your app to check out the new quality settings. Just look for any 60fps video and you’ll be set. You can the difference in this video for instance:
Once you’ve found an appropriate video, if it doesn’t start playing at a high frame rate automatically, just click on the quality settings option and you’ll see the option for ‘720p60′ or ‘1080p60′ listed.

Youtube App 60FPS

While most regular video content is recorded at 30fps (TV shows) or 24fps (movies), video games often run at higher frame rates, so the change is sure to make many gamers happy.

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