Young men in Malaysia earn RM200 – RM3,000 per hour as a gigolo

gigolo in malaysia

Recently Metro Ahad reported that there is an increasing number of young men in colleges, universities and even white collar workers in Malaysia who are getting involved in the underground sex trade. 

According to sources, these guys are known as the “money boys”. It’s basically a group of young men who can be seen online posing in provocative outfits in order to seduce potential customers. They are reportedly making between RM200 and RM3,000 for hourly or weekly sessions in the Klang Valley.

The service clients/sugar mummies pay to these guys are mainly for massages, sex and as well as companionship. Clients also choose whether they would prefer to be attended to in a hotel or at home.

On top of the good pay, these young men are also often given overseas trips by their clients/sugar-mummies. Metro Ahad also added that some of them even have their shopping bills taken care of.

One escort, known as Harris, said that he got involved in the trade two years ago because he was fascinated by his friend’s exquisite lifestyle. His friend travelled abroad quite often and met many “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” online who gave him money.

“He was my mentor and gave me a lot of ideas”, said Harris, a 21-year-old student. Professional counsellor Mohamed Fadzil Che Din said that one of the contributing factors was the erosion of maturity and cultural/religious values among young adults.

“The desperation for more money to fund their lavish lifestyles often plays an imperative role in their choices,” he added. “This sort of mindset about money often lures youngsters to abandon their traditional and cultural values in order to pursue a western culture of excessive entertainment,” Fadzil said.

The professor also added that the blame shouldn’t lie solely on youngsters as several parties play an important role in tackling this social problem.

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