X-MEN: Apocalypse to be released in Malaysia on the 19th May 2016


20th Century Fox has recently released the trailer for the ninth film in the X-MEN franchise, Apocalypse. And it is a disastrous trailer indeed. 

If you have watched the trailer featured above, by now you should know that the trailer starts with the blurry figure of Jean Grey entering Cerebro followed by flashes of mass destruction and as well as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Among other things, Oscar Isaac’s big daddy mutant is a sizeable foe, Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey is front and centre, and James McAvoy’s Professor X finally has a canonical haircut.



And although the trailer is teasing us by showing bits of the Apocalypse at a time, we still do get a clear shot of Caliban at least. He was a Morlock in the comics who became a Horsemen of Apocalypse (Death) known as Hellhound.


caliban 2-compressed

But what we are more excited to find out is the fully-assembled new X-MEN team.

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