Would you women date/marry a ”ugly rich man” or a ”handsome jobless man”

Well ladies here in Malaysia, what best describes your ‘perfect’ man? What are the qualities you find in a man to be married to one day? 
The word ‘perfect’ would maybe possess the looks of Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr and the chick magnet Ryan Gosling. But we all know that we don’t live in the perfect universe and if you are given a choice to choose the man that you actually date/marry between a ”rich and ugly” or a ”handsome and jobless” man who would you pick to date?
Japanese women’s magazine AneCan conducted a poll featuring the two men in the picture above which features an ugly man that earns around RM176 million per year (on the left) and a ‘handsome’ guy who is not only jobless but is also penniless (on the right).
In the poll, there we 1,000 girls who were surveyed and about 75.5% women chose the ”rich and ugly” guy on the left to be the ideal person to date/marry. Some of their reasons were:

“Honestly, it’s what inside that count.”

“If he dresses himself up, he might not look so ugly.”

“However ugly he is, you’ll get used to it. The more you look at money, you’ll like it more.”

“Handsome guy is for dating, ugly man is for marrying!”

gold diggers everywhere

To all Malaysian women, what do you think? Would you marry a ”ugly and rich man” or a ”handsome and jobless man”. Tell us your preferred man and reasons by commenting on the comment section below. 

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