World’s Thinnest Condom Created in Japan, 0.01mm Thick


Japanese scientists have created what they claim to be the world’s thinnest condoms, which are one sixth the width of a human hair.

The thickness of the rubber in the ultra-light polyurethane contraceptive tool has been measured at 0.01 millimeters, with the average width of a human hair measuring 0.06 millimeters.

Japan has done it again by creating the world’s first thinnest condom.

Sagami Rubber industries, is the first condom manufacturer in Japan since 1934. They are now supplying condoms to over 80 countries now.

This company claims that more than, they took more than a decade to complete this design of the material.


20, 000 condoms were put through rigorous stress test to ensure that they are safe for human use.

According to the company, it took 10 years to develop a rubber which was both thin and safe.

Back in 2005, Sagami Rubber was the first company to   create a colour condom and set a previous thinnest standard, 0.02 milimeter version.


Now, Sagami Rubber has done it again by beating their own record by creating the world’s thinnest ever condom which is 0.01mm  thick, which makes it just one sixth of the width of human hair.

The price of these condoms are at 7.30 pounds (about RM39 after converstion) for a box of five. 

According to reports, they have been flying off the shelves in Japan, with many stores having sold out.

A researcher from Sagami Rubber said,  ‘Honestly, I don’t how we can make them thinner than this.

‘But as long as there is a need for thinner, we will continue researching 0.009 millimeter and 0.008 millimeter thinness.’

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