Working out? But no results? Then just follow this Ten Rules of working out!


Working out in the gym for a long time but you don’t see much results? Even though you spend hours and hours in the gym? Then something might be wrong. Definitely wrong.

Just follow this Ten rules of working out and you may see some results. Don’t give up yet. Help is here.


1. Train hard.

Yes! This is the number one rule. Train hard. Really hard. No pain no gain. Squeeze every muscle you have when you lift (make sure it is the correct form! for safety!).
Set a list of exercise and complete them in an appropriate time line. For example. it is leg day, Squats 4 x 12, Bulgarian Squat 4×12, quad extension 4×16, stiff leg deadlift 4×12, leg curl 4×16, Calf machine raise 4×20, seated calf raises 4×20, leg press calf raises 4×20, lunges 4 x 25. Yes, this is a list, and try to complete this within 45 minutes to 1hour 30 minutes. Train hard and stay focus.


2. Train Smart.

Working out is a science. Thats why we have degree in sport science. It helps you to achieve your dream body quickly and more safe. It is not just about going to the gym and lifting those heavy weights. It requires planning. Planning what workout to do, how long to do, how much rest needed, how much nutrient needed and so on.


3. Train Safe.

There are many safety equipment nowadays. Such as gloves, lifting straps, belt and so on. You have to know how to take care of yourself, don’t lift weight more then your capability, who do you want to show off? Is it worth it? If you injured yourself during the process, that’s more humiliating. People would be laughing at you, not pitying you. Plus you won’t be able to workout for a couple of weeks.


4. Eating.

Eat healthy! Different goals on body need different set of meals. If you wan’t a lean body then you might consider to eat lesser with more greens. But if you want to be bulky, then you got to pack on those proteins. Consult a physician or a nutritionist or a personal trainer and discuss this with them. They should know the best meal and nutrient for your body. You are what you eat!.


5. Rest.

Please get ample of rest. Your body needs rest. When you rest your muscle rebuilds and that’s when you are going to see results. Sleep is important, at least 6 – 8 hours a day. And please sleep at the appropriate time. Not sleeping at 4am and waking up at 2Pm. That won’t do any good to your body. And when you are taking naps, don’t doze of for hours and hours. 30 – 45 min of nap is more then enough to rejuvenate.


6. Supplement.

Again, for those who have a different goal in how your body looks like, some supplement is needed. However, please be extra careful, overdose might do more harm to your body. Again, consult your physician, nutritionist and personal trainer or supplement.


7. Add variation in your workout.

Make your workout fun. Example, you do a bicep curl with same reps and set for the past one year. It is not going to go anywhere. You have to be creative, change the routine some time. Don’t let your muscle get use to the same exercise. Muscles get bored too. Be creative in your workout, but then again, remember safety and the correct form to perform an exercise.


8. Stretch.

Please people, do your stretching. That is the most fundamental thing you learn when you are a kid before you start any sport. Stretching will help you reduce the chances of injuries. It kinds of like ‘wakes up” your muscle.


9. Consistency.

One word is enough. Consistent. People please be consistent in your workout. Then you will have your results (providing you follow the rules above). Be consistent with your workout schedule. Enough said.


10. Don’t ignore your body.
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Don’t be ignorant to what your body tries to tell you. It will tell you that it can’t go anymore further and you push it even more. You might get some serious injuries. Have a pulled muscles is very bad already. Having a tore muscle. That’s the worst. It will put you out for months. It is okay to push your body a little bit. But do it progressively. don’t over do it. Example. This week you can lift 10Kg, then you do it for two weeks or so, and then you increase the weight, maybe to 12 kg. Don’t straight jump to 25 Kg and expect to lift them up with ease.



These are the rules. It might not be easy to follow them, as this is our nature, we been breaking rules ever since we were young. But if you are really dedicated to working out, then try your best to follow these rules. The starting will always be hard!.


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