Word power! It is not a loss to know new words!


Here are some words that you may not have heard it before. But i am sure it is not a loss to know new words:

1. Flounder.

Meaning: To struggle in an awkward.
Example: He floundered through his speech.


2. Exalt.

Meaning: To praise greatly.
Example: Work of arts that exalt the imagination



3. Exult.

Meaning: To Rejoice Greatly.
Example: He was exulting in his win earlier today.


4. Sententious.

Meaning: Pompous, dull, moralizing; using famous sayings to appear wise.
Example:  “too often the significant episode deteriorates into sententious conversation”- Kathleen Barnes

5. rebuff.

Meaning: To Snub; giving a rude refusal to someone’s request.
Example:  He rebuffed all the attempts of his friends to help him.


6. Adverse.

Meaning: Whatever opposes, is harmful or interferes;
Example: Adverse effects of a drug.


7. Refute.

Meaning: To prove it wrong.
Example: To refute a theory.


8. Conciliate.

Meaning: To overcome unfriendliness or to gain someones trust.
Example: To conciliate an angry competitor.


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