Woman destroys ATM with her bare hands

CHINA: A woman snapped after she couldn’t withdraw any cash out of the ATM prompting her to destroy the ATM with her own hands. The woman created a scene in a shopping mall in Dongguan in the Chinese province of Guangdong when she ripped the ATM within a matter of minutes. 


There were three security guards when this incident happen and no one attempted to stop the woman from ripping off the machine. ‘We can see from the mall’s security cameras that she first pried off the plastic frame/case off the sides of the ATM, and then forcefully tore out the computer display,’ the representative said.’After dismantling the machine, she even stood there as if nothing had happened, but was then taken back to the police station once police arrived.’


The woman told that she tried withdrawing money from the ATM but nothing happen. She could not withdraw any money. But it was amazing that a normal human being could destroy an ATM machine. According the the spokesperson, one of the possibility for the woman to able to dismantle the ATM because it has been a very long time since the machine was serviced. The plastic casing surrounding it has become old and brittle and therefore it is easy to be damaged.


Written by FunnyMalaysia

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