Windows 9 Release Date: Beta Launch Could Be Delayed Till Next Month

Windows 9 developer preview build 9800 screenshots (17)

It is not long before that the Windows 8 was released a few years ago but it has not been a universal success. In many ways, Windows 8 was not really well executed by Microsoft. Windows 8 attempt to stitch together desktop and mobile has been way too radical to encourage new users. Windows 8 did not work very well on PCs and laptops as Windows 8 was meant to be running on smartphones and on tablets. This inovation to combine both users to use one operating system was a bad idea.

Not long after Windows 8 was released, the solve all their buggy problems, Microsoft then release Windows 8.1 which seems to be a much bigger improvement from Windows 8 but it is not fully fixed yet. Which means two things, expect a new and improved Windows in the fastest possible time and expect it to be called ”Windows 9”. It is unlikely to be a Windows 8.2 and definitely there won’t be a Windows 8.3.


Microsoft has said that they would delay their launch of the Windows 9 Beta to next month where it was said to be launch this month as Microsoft is holding a ”Windows event” in San Francisco on September 30 and it is expected to both reveal and distribute a ”Windows Technical Preview” to enterprise customers and developers. However it wont be out until October.

Windows 9 should see the reintroduction of the Start menu, and will feature virtual desktops and a desktop version of the Cortana personal digital assistant app. Another feature that Windows users would welcome is the ability to update from one Windows 9 build to subsequent builds without having to reinstall Windows. This means that Windows can push out and introduce new updates at a much faster pace.

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