Windows 10 The Next New Operating System


Microsoft has finally announced its next flagship operating system, the all new Windows 10. Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 that was suppose to be the next operating system and straight jump to 10. Windows 10 will be running across everything Microsoft has its hands in covering all its product from mobile devices and PCs.

Windows 10 has a new system introduced into the Star Menu, where now there is an extension that resembles the home screen from Windows Phone. These Tiles appear to act the same way as they do on the smartphone including the option to resize and rearranging them.


One of the new feature of the new Windows 10 is the ”Task View” feature which bring a whole new level of multi tasking. It is launched from a button on the taskbar which allows multiple desktops to be run with different apps in the background. When it is open, it will display various running apps and allowing users to switch between them.

Windows 10 also give users to switch between touch and keyboard interface based on the device it’s installed on. ¬†Microsoft are allowing users to download (tech experts) the preview of Windows 10 but it is not the complete version. You can have excess to Windows feedback app which you can sent comments about the new operating system.

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