Why some people don’t like clubbing


1. Smoky environment 


All the clubbing establishments here in Malaysia allows you to smoke in clubs. For those who don’t smoke suffers.

2. Money 


Clubbing a night in KL can easily cost you about RM100. That money can be spent on other things that are necessary

3. Roadblocks 


Every other clubber in Malaysia has this headache after a fun night. Which road to take to get home safely?. By safely means no roadblocks

4. Parking

DSC04297 (2)

Parking near a clubbing establishment can easily cost you RM10 to RM20 for a few hours

5. Taking care of annoying drunk friends


You know what I mean. Whenever a group goes clubbing there is always one guy/girl will be held responsible for taking care of their friends and this limits the fun for that person. You are probably the driver for your group of friends.

6. Curfew


Not many of you people can stay up late at night without your parents calling you and asking  when are you coming back home. Clubbing usually ends at 3am and sometimes we tend to stay for late suppers and we would probably reach home at 5am in most cases

7. Loud music


Some people prefer a decent conversation

8. Driving back drunk


Admit it, the ones that goes clubbing has always driven themselves back when they are intoxicated

9. Hangovers 


What’s the best remedy for hangovers? TIME

10. Anti-social 


Well, if you don’t like meeting new random people in the club or if you are an introvert, you would probably stay away from clubbing

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