Why Malaysians Buy Perodua

Why Malaysians Buy Perodua

1. You are broke and sold your car, but need a cheap one to get around

2. You work for Perodua, which probably means you are broke, and are given a Perodua as a company car, or in lieu (instead) of payment.


3. You are careful with money but dumb. This reason is not as common as the first one, but it can happen.

4. You like driving around in a box on four wheels.


5. Your parents bought you one.

6. You were trying to prove some kind of twisted point. While drunk.

challenge accepted

7. You are ex-Mat rempit.


8. Your children are being held hostage by killer clowns or Ahmad Maslan.


9. You had one too many at a pub and figured you need a backup vomit bucket.


10.You will go to any lengths to bring glory to the Malaysian economy.

11. It was that or a Proton.


Disclaimer: This post was created for immature audience only. It’s merely to stimulate fun.

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