Why forever alone Malaysian guys should migrate to Latvia

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Latvia is a country in Europe which was settled by the Baltic tribes some three millennia ago. The territories along the eastern Baltic first came under foreign domination at the beginning of the 13th century, with the formal establishment of Riga in 1201 under the German Teutonic Knights.

But besides all those historical bullshits, do you know that Latvia is recognized for their beautiful women? And the best part is that the population of female is more than the population of male. In other words, Latvia’s man shortage leaves women lost for love.

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On top of that, their women look like this:

latvia women

Here is an image showing several hundred blonde women marching through the Latvian capital Riga in a bid to cheer up some Baltic nation crisis. 

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For those of you who don’t know, they are known as Latvians


According to an article posted by BBC, there are 8% more women than men in the country back in 2010. And the number keeps getting bigger. There are basically more women compared to men everywhere you go! 

latvian ladies

This is their city


ANDDDDD in Latvia, women there are simple and they are not too picky when it comes to choosing their life partner.

In the recent years, Latvian women have no choice but to look for their life partner via internet/online dating sites, however, the Latvian government warned the women to be careful doing so as it might be a trap to some illegal human trafficking activities.

In conclusion

We should migrate there. Why? No more forever alone problem. No more Jibby’s problem. Everyone happy.

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