Why are the Malaysia Airport KLIA 2 Staffs so Rude?



Attached complaints that sent to Malaysia airport page and Air Asia. Happened in KLIA 2 departure section.


I would like to report regarding 5 of your staffs.
On 1/8/2015 about 9pm, I went to the front counter of KLIA 2. I was a bit upset when I found out check-in counter to Melbourne ( by Air Asia ) had been opened since 6.30pm. I reached the airport at 6pm and been waiting for the counter to open.

With family, and 4 of them are little kids under 7 years old. And it was though to wait that long. So, I went to the front airport information centre to ask why there was no “OPEN” sign on Melbourne flight. It’s around 9.15pm. There were 3 lady staffs and the one with Specs asked me “yes”? So I asked her, why there is no OPEN sign on the departure screen.


I told her I had been waiting since 6pm. She told me,
Quote her answer : ” counter dah Bukak. Pegi je la beratur “


What kinda service she provide as a front face of Malaysian airport?? Obviously she wasn’t trained to handle tasks of being front counter receptionist.

So I asked her what she meant by that?? I told her I know that but I want to know why there is no OPEN sign on the screen. It confuses passengers and wasting time. I have been travelling with air Asia since I migrated to Australia in 2011. So with a young kid, my 4 year old, I know I need more than 1 hour to reach to the platform. That’s the main reason I went to the airport a lot earlier. But obviously it was just waste of time!

I asked her, what kinda answer she gave me?? I asked her where is her manager. She laughed on my face and told me she doesn’t know. So I asked her where can I make complain. She making fun of me and still laughing. And I got really upset and angry.

The lady and us ( my mom n me ) got into bad altercation and another staff beside her called security.

Here came two guards who know nothing. The guards asked me why am I got so angry?? I told him why and he can’t do anything other than keep asking us to be calm.

I asked the guards where can I do complaint about those two ladies. They refused and did not give any solution. He keep saying he’s here to solve the problem calmly.

One of the guard, asked me if I have mental retardation while I was talking to his friend. What?? How is this calm solution??
I kept asking him if I can do report about all of them and how? He kept quite.

The guards did not ask much about the altercation and rather made it worst.

Then came another staff and he passed me the complain sheet. So I told the guards and the two ladies, this is the real solution. I asked nothing’s more than;

Why there is no OPEN sign on the screen and
how to make a complain.

But four of them failed to solve any problem rather made it much worse!

We were so disappointed. But move on to check in. I was rushing and under pressure. Time was wasted on the airport bench obviously.

Those are the pictures of those two ladies. I didn’t get the pictures of the two guards.

Then we though it’s over since someone finally gave us the best solution and respect our right. Our right to complain. But it wasn’t. Those two guards told the guards at entrance to gave me troubles.

The guy without guard uniform stopped me while I’m walking and told me that I can’t bring detachable trolley ( as pictured)

These are the exact trolley I have been using for the past over 4 years. It was made from high durable plastic material.

He told me I can’t bring this trolley in. I asked him why. He could not answer me. I Asked him if he can show me any black and white regarding this. Any airport rules and regulation. But too obvious he couldn’t

We got into altercation. And finally he couldn’t find any smart reason from stopping me using the trolley.
Other guards ( there were 3-5 of them) just watching while we were arguing infront of departure entrance.

I pretty sure they just wanna “revenge” from earlier incident which was so inappropriate. It’s really too low class attitudes for such a high standard airport.
Lucky enough we were Malaysians. Wondering if this happened to the foreigners.

I hope there is justice for this.

Disappointed passenger of Air Asia and Malaysia Airport KLIA 2 ( departure section)

Daliana Too Bernice Tan

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