What you call people from different parts of Malaysia

1. Penang people – Penangite

 2. Johor People – Johoreans

 3. Kelantan People – Orang Kelate

 4. Malacca People – Malaccans

 5. Sabah People – Sabahans

 6. Sarawak People – Sarawakians 

 7. Negeri Sembilan – Orang Negori

 8. Kedah – Kedahan

 9. Perak – Perakian

 10. Kuala Lumpur  = Perakian, Penangite, Orang Kelate, Johorean, Malaccan, Kedahan, Negori, Sabahan, Bangladeshis, Indonesian, Thai, Arab, etc….Because no one in KL is from KL.

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