What Malaysians can buy instead of an iPhone 6S

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A standard 16GB iPhone 6S is now priced at RM3,199 without any contracts. iPhone 6S Plus 16GB on the other hand will cost you an additional RM500 which makes the device to be priced at RM3,699. 

Here is a list of all the range of iPhones Apple has got to offer and the retail prices.

iphone price malaysia

Well, let’s start with the lowest range of the iPhone 6S which is the 16GB version that will cost you RM3,199 and what you can actually buy with RM3,199 in hand.

1. This Fillipo King Bed Frame (RM3,069) 

fillipo king bed frame

2. If that’s not enough, you can makeover your whole room for only RM2,917 like the image below (including mattress and bed frame) – from IKEA


3. But not everyone is into pimping up their rooms. Some are into gaming. And if you are into gaming, you can buy yourself a PlayStation 4 (RM1,499) + PS4 Watchdogs game (RM159) + PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (RM209) + PS4 Assassins Creed Unity (RM114) + PS4 Final Fantasy X (RM159) + PS4 Devil May Cry 4 (RM134) + PS4 NBA 2K16 Early Tip Off Edition (RM235) + PS4 Need For Speed Rivals (RM129) + PS4 Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition – Digital Primary Account (RM325) + PS4 Grand Theft Auto V (RM215)


ps4 games-compressed

WARNING: We do not advise you to make this purchase if you have a girlfriend..unless your girlfriend is also into gaming.

4. Speaking about girlfriends, its about time you men take your girlfriend(s) on a proper date and spend quality time together

Lets say a date cost you RM100, RM3,199 can bring you on 32 dates.

5. But if you are not into dates, you can buy this new LG 49 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV for RM2,999 and watch “The Notebook” with her

lg tv-compressed

the notebook

6. For the single ladies, you can go on the best shopping spree of your life..

Make up kits, dress, skirts, and whatever you can think of. But we know some of you will go overboard. Just don’t spend more than RM3,199.

7. Or you can take it slow and actually save that RM3,199 since something is going on in our economy

malaysian currency

Don’t really know what’s going on. But we know it’s something bad.

8. If your hand really itchy wana buy something, then you can buy this GINTELL DeHarmony Massage Chair for RM2,988

gintell massage chair

9. And if you are a smoker and all those things above doesn’t make sense to you, then you can buy yourself 231 boxes of cigarette each priced @ RM13.80

You can smoke and smoke and smoke for the rest of the year as you wish without pau-ing anyone’s else cigarette.

10. After all this you still want an iPhone, then you should get the iPhone 6 16GB (currently priced @ RM2,699 and it look the same as the iPhone 6S)

And on top of that, you’ll have RM500 balance which you can top-up for data and other nonsense and use it to reply people’s messages. Because we Malaysians beli handphone mahal2 but tak reply message.

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