What Malaysian women can buy instead of a RM4,000 handbag

louis vuitton
Nowadays more Malaysian women are trying to get their hands on luxury handbags like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci that cost about RM4,000. Well, FunnyMalaysia.NET has decided to come up with a list on what other things you can actually buy instead of a luxury handbag.

1. The Ultimate Shopping Spree (Of course we are talking about the not so branded clothes – but it looks and feel as good as the branded ones) – Since you always complain you don’t have enough clothes

crazy shopping

2. You can literally buy 300 items in DAISO that will cost you RM1,500 (DAISO – a shop that only sells RM5 items) + you can get yourself a brand new iPhone 6


3. Head over to a nice supermarket and buy all the things you have been dreaming of eating..From all Haagen Dazs ice cream flavors to the most expensive cuts of beef

haagen dasz flavours-compressed

4. Or you can spoil yourself by eating in the best restaurants once a week for almost 7 months…Lets say you spend about RM150 a week on a tentalizing meal..That’s RM600 per month..RM4,000/600 equals to 6.6. Or in other words, 6 months and 3 weeks of amazing meals!

fine dining meals women

5. You can buy this amazing bed frame which we guarantee you ladies will melt for RM3,147 (Harvey Norman) and still afford a comfortable mattress to go with it

awesome bed freame

6. Surrender your senses at any resort-like spa and have the best relaxing moment of your life

spa awesome

7. Speaking about surrendering your senses, you can also buy this Jacuzzi that is priced at RM3,600


8. Or you can stay in this villa called The Pandan Tree Villas which is located in Bali for 13 nights! That’s right — this villa will only cost you RM291 per night and it comes with your own private garden and private pool

private pool bali-compressed

private room-compressed

9. Since you ladies always complain that you are fat…Might as well you join the gym for 20 months @ RM200 a month..We guarantee you won’t call yourself fat anymore..

ladies gyming