What Malaysian guys can do with RM100 on a Valentine’s Day date

valentines day
1. If you live in Klang Valley, then you can drive up to Genting Highlands and have a cup of coffee with your date..It’s all about getting to know her..Don’t you dare step into the casino


2. Or you can drive to the nearest beach and have a picnic..It won’t cost you more than RM100 since petrol is now cheaper

valentines day beach

3. If your date is into food, then bring her to some of the famous Chinese seafood restaurants and ask her to order anything she likes except crab (if she orders the huge crabs, then good luck man) 


4. Do grocery shopping and cook for her at home. RM100 can get you a LOT of good stuff in the supermarket. Just ask her to bring the wine 😉

hey girl

5. Go on a movie marathon. RM100 can get you and your date to watch 4 movies in the cinema at least 

dating movie-compressed

6. If you lady love to drink, then you can head over to a nice and quiet bar and have a couple of beers each. RM100 is good enough to get you guys “in the mood”..Don’t bring her to a club and party! Seriously!

drink in the bar

7. Karaoke for two! This is ONLY suitable if both you guys love to sing..If you don’t know how to sing, don’t suggest this and embarrass yourself

karoeke with date

8. If your lady appreciates nature, then bring her for a hike on a hill that has waterfall. And of course you and your date can camp there since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday (and the next day is a holiday). Don’t worry, you are going on the 14th, not Friday the 13th…Get it?

hiking date

9. However, if she is not free on a valentine’s day, then you can just buy RM80 worth of various milk chocolates, a flower that she likes, and a note saying Happy Valentine’s Day or something..Send it to her house
If you are going on a double date, you still can do the things listed above except number 9. 

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