We Have All Been Pronouncing ‘Zara’ Wrong This Whole Time

zara malaysia

Fashion designers and brands are known to have names that are very complicated. And that’s because they tend to be creative and choose a name that is unique.

We Malaysians thought of Zara as a very consumer-friendly brand with no such fancy pronunciation, however, it seems we got it all wrong.

According to MENSXP, a recent revelation by the fashion market editor of Refinery 39 (an online fashion portal) who visited Zara headquarters in Spain said that she was surprised that no one at the Zara office pronounced Zara as we all have been doing!


The way we Malaysians pronounce the word Zara as ‘Za-rah’ in the normal English dialect. But the brand Zara is actually pronounced as ‘Tsada’ or phonetically ‘Dzah-dah’.

Zara, having been founded in Spain, gets its correct pronunciation from a place called North Castilian where Zs are pronounced with a soft ‘th’ sound and Rs are directed towards Ds.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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