Wankband: Malaysians will soon be able to charge their phones while pleasuring themselves

Here that ladies and gentlemen, popular porn website, Pornhub has just introduced a new device that allows men and women to charge their electronic products (phones, laptops, camera and tablets) by pleasuring themselves. 
They have figured the best way to generate electricity given that how many of their users guzzle energy to surf the site.  Pornhub said:
”At Pornhub, we’re concerned about the amount of energy consumed by our users while enjoying the millions of hours of content we provide on our site. That’s why we’ve decided to pitch in to help save the environment by creating a revolutionary wearable tech device. Find out more about the Wankband and how you can create dirty energy at www.thewankband.com and sign up to become a Be(a)ta tester so you can find out how this amazing invention can help you save the planet.”


The gadget is a wrist band with an indicator showing how much power a user is managed to generate and how much more can be done. It looks like a battery bar similar to the ones that you see on your phones. Users can connect the Wankband to various electronic devices to power them up once the Wankband is fully charged.
The band claims to generate kinetic energy which they call, ”Dirty Energy”. The more you move it up and down motion the more energy you can create. It is unclear how much up and down motion is required to charge a phone or even a laptop but the creators of this band said that it works just fine.


The product is still in its beta stage and the Wankband’s website is open to testing the band on volunteers. Be one by signing up with them to be a tester.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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