VROOM… Does The Sound Of The Ignition Get You Raring?

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The date to keep in mind is Monday, 15 February 2016. TOC Automotive College (TOC) begins its first intake of 2016, providing a prominent pathway to pursue a career in the vibrant automotive and motorsports industry. So motor enthusiasts and autofreaks, this is the last call!

Not to be seen as too ‘niche’ a market to secure solid job placements, a career in the automotive industry is strongly supported in Asia, and carries much weight here in Malaysia.

“We provide lifetime job placement and we promise a rewarding career path with over 900 industry partners in the automotive world, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Audi, Honda and many more,” said Ms. Adelaine Foo, CEO and Founder of TOC.

Studies conducted by the Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) in 2015, showed that the automotive industry has experienced a steady growth in response to the rise of registered road motor vehicles in Malaysia. This translates to more employment opportunities for those in the industry.

Commenting on the research, Foo said, “Almost every single home in Malaysia has at least one car and many do not know how to diagnose a technical problem and how to fix it. Passion is important but proper training is critical when playing the role of ‘Car Doctor’. Our courses ensure that our students keep abreast with all relevant technological advancements in the auto industry paired with know-how via hands on training. At TOC, it is our dedication to provide the best learning experience in automotive and motorsports education to the technicians of tomorrow,” Foo added.

Keen in working abroad after completing the course? TOC will be the right choice, as it also provides opportunities for graduates to work abroad, such as Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Middle East, and more.

Take a tour of TOC’s workspaces and meet the instructors through www.toc.edu.my or Facebook /TOC.edu to discover where your career dreams can take you to.

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