Valentine’s Day during high school in Malaysia

valentines day malaysia
The things listed below normally takes place in a co-ed school in Malaysia.
1. Guys giving roses to their girlfriends
That one rose must have cost RM7 (which is a lot to us back then) but we don’t really care. And this is probably the first and last time we gave flowers to the ladies.
2. And you also witness some girls getting a rose + a box of chocolates


3. There will be lotsa deliveries going on from one classroom to another..(chocolate, cookies and roses)

valentines day sell

The business minded students make use of Valentine’s Day to earn some extra pocket money in school….Well done
4. There will also be an extra attire in our school bag 
“We can’t go on a date with our school uniform, can we?”
5. On that particular day, many students will have “extra classes”…
This is what we students inform our parents…”Mum, I’ll be late! Got “kelas tambahan”…The innocent parents will not realize that the “kelas tambahan” excuse  are used for dating purposes 
6. And you will come across some girls walking back with big bouquet of flowers 


7. Or even dolls! 
8. Some will be proposing in the most unique way


9. Disappointed faces can be seen almost everywhere (People who got rejected)


10. And there are also the bunch of students who just don’t give a shit about Valentine’s Day

valentines day sucks

11. There will be lots of hope in most of the students that somebody will send something…Sighhhh

around the corner

12. Some of the girls get into a group and start boasting on what their boyfriend/date did for them and so on


13. And finally there will be our teachers saying….INI SEMUA CINTA MONYET!
For those who come from an all boys school or all girls school
14. Most of us don’t really care about Valentine’s Day

die hard 5

15. There are small bunch who tries to make Valentine’s Day meaningful..But seriously lah! How you gonna pull that off?
They still do sell all these roses and chocolates during recess period which they will deliver to other schools where your crush is located
16. All we can think about is “Why the hell are the roses and chocolates so god damn expensive?”

hell year

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