Ustazah’s Logic on Drinking Dairy Milk

An ustazah’s scientific understanding is being questioned by netizens who are saying her ”theory” on cow’s milk and human behaviour is full of crap. 

Fatimah Syarha, who host TV3’s Figh Wanita, claims that coe’w milk should be given to babies as infant may ”absorb” the obtuse DNA of the bovine in the milk would somehow affect the development of the child.


She was discussing the importance of breastfeeding, explaining that a child who is regularly fed with the dairy milk may possess features that are generally associated with the animal.

She also said that the babies may grow up to be hot-headed because cows are so.


Fatimah became a laughing stock on the internet as social media users began questioning the lack of scientific evidence in her theory, which undermined her reputation as an educator.

Some of the comments were:

Adila Musa Idris commented; “I find your lack of scientific fact disturbing. You cannot based your claims on blind assumptions alone.Where is your proof?”

One Siti Amiranah said while Fatimah’s point on the importance of breastfeeding was correct, the former did not agree with the claim that cow’s milk will cause brain damage.

“It’s just ridiculous, humans have been feeding children with milk from animals for centuries.”

Mariani Mohd Azlan said that the facts provided by the host are wrong and creates confusion among its viewers, who are generally young mothers.

“I request that TV3 and the ustazah correct and amend the information on this matter or at the least provide correct scientifically accurate information in such shows.”

Aishah Balqis said based on this logic, it was best to stay away from beef, chicken and sea food.

“Maybe we should eat human flesh then you get 100% human DNA. So shallow.”

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