UPS stuck a ”dick butt”meme on a Ferrari

UPS recently unveiled on Facebook a special mosaic version of its logo and made from fan-submitted photos, a very few Internet sleuths noticed a very small ”dick butt” meme hiding amongst the  tiles. 
UPS created the logo to place on a Ferrari SF 15-T that will race in this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.


Imgur usermickeyK599gto posted a helpful closeup of the meme inside UPS’s shield logo. The meme has been floating around the Internet since 2006 and recently its been resurfacing on sites like Imgur and Reddit.

UPS and Ferrari

UPS put a call for fans to submit their photos for a chance to be featured on the mosaic logo that would be placed on a Ferrari SF 15-T.
Here is how the ”dick meme” looks like:


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