University Malaya’s World Ranking dropped by 11 places this year

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Although UM sits in the top 200 among all the universities in the world, responsible parties should definitely do something about it and get the bottom of it when the ranking drops by 11 places.

Back in 2012, the country’s premier university was ranked at 156 and this year it is currently ranked at 167. Some might say it isn’t really a big deal but come to think about it, universities rank are some how a big issue and it really changes the perception of future students and people might also question on why the ranking is lower this year.


According to the head of research in QS Intelligence unit, Ben Sowter, the rank was affected due to the global education competition. If that’s the case, University Malaya should definitely put much more effort in improving their positions by being stronger in this competition without any “bug”.

On the bright side, UM had obviously made some significant progress over the five years period in terms of academic standards which leads to quality graduates. Hat’s off to the team of UM by Funny Malaysia.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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