Typical Malaysian Teachers

typical malaysian teachers
1. Semua bangun! Kalau jawab soalan, boleh duduk.
A moment of silence for those who could not answer the questions.

 2. The teacher that always ask us to baca “buku teks” once he/she entered in the class

 3. Speaking about “buku teks”..We need to really be thankful with the teachers who always bug us to return the “pinjaman buku teks”

buku teks pinjaman

Without them, there wouldn’t be any “pinjaman buku teks” left for the younger generation students.

 4. Have you heard of the pregnant teachers? 

cikgu mengandung

These teachers get pregnant almost every year the school starts..They go missing at the end of the year for a long time..And they come back the following year pregnant again.

 5. Okay kelassssss… Semua buat kerja sendiri
We love these teachers!

 6. Speaking about “Okay kelasssss”..It’s a must for every Malaysian school to have the teacher with an annoying voice that follows with a high pitch tone
Seriously annoying bro.

 7. You: “Cikgu!! Soalan apa keluar dalam exam?” Cikgu: “Eh! Mana boleh bagitau. Tapi bab ni sangat penting ye”
We also love these teachers!

 8. Cikgu gatal…they always very touchy touchy one

touchy teachers

Every school in Malaysia have this species.

 9. And of course we have to give a round of applause for the teachers who loves giving us “markah kesian”

 10. And also a round of applause for the teachers who selalu tak masuk kelas
As usual. We love these teachers.

 11. But there are some teachers who selalu tak datang but somehow manage to leave us lots of homework to do

 12. Lastly…we raise our glass for the hot “cikgus”..these teachers know they are hot but they still wear sexy sexy just to get you to drool even more

hot teacher

This is probably the main reason some of us actually go to school.
But honestly….We miss all these teachers.

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