Typical Malaysian Schooling Life

typical malaysian schooling life-compressed
1. Before SPM: “Let’s meet up after SPM, Okay?”
After SPM: *Semua sudah hilang*

 2. Every year the school would send out letters to invite parents for PIBG meeting. And every year, 95% of the parents would skip it


 3. Me: “Cikgu, nak gi tandas”
Go on a tour around the school, class to canteen to padang to koperasi then toilet

 4. School holiday – Go out once or twice a week.
Parents be like: “Why everyday go out?!”

 5. *God bad results*
Parents: “Where’s your results”
You: “Teacher haven’t give back the paper yet”

exam results fail

6. Primary school: Ketua kelas will write your name and kesalahan on the board
Secondary school: Ketua kelas buat bising

 7. *Parents scolding you*
You: *Diam*
Parents: “Don’t just keep quiet, answer me!”
You: *Answer*
Parents: “Eh dah pandai menjawab ye sekarang!”

 8. How we spent in primary school
40% – Canteen 
30% – Bookshop 
20% – Junk food
10% – Kawan “pinjam” sampai sekarang tak bayar balik


 9. You always ask for “markah kesian”

 10. 100M lumba lari = Tak boleh
Lari daripada pengawas/guru disiplin = Boleh

 11. Lompat tinggi = Tak lepas
Panjat pagar = Lepas

panjat pagar

12. Students talk bad about teachers = Tindakan disiplin
Teachers talk bad about students in bilik guru = Okay

 13. Kutuk orang lain = Okay
Masa kena kutuk balik = Merajuk

 14. Before the principle gives a speech: “Saya cuma nak ambil sedikit je masa untuk berucap”
*30 minutes later*……”Sekian, terima kasih”

 15. You: “Cikgu, soalan apa yang keluar dalam exam?”
Cikgu: “Eh mana boleh bagitau. Tapi bab ni sangat penting ye”

 16. There is two different “Merdeka” for every Malaysian student.
– 31st of August
– After finishing the last paper of a major exam

habis spm

17. PMR – Straight As
Form 4 Add Maths.
Monthly test 1 – Gagal
Mid Year – Gagal
Monthly test 2 – Gagal
Year End – Gagal

 18. You: Beli semua buku teks
Friend: “Wuiiiishhhhh..Anak orang kaya”

 19. If you do homework, you’ll make sure you do finish all the garang teachers’ homework first

 20. One thing for sure….Most Malaysians had the best time of their school life when they are in form 5 even though there’s SPM

best spm

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