Typical Malaysian Schooling Life [PART 2]

typical malaysian schooling life part 1
1. “Lupa bawa buku, cikgu..”
That statement given by every student if the homework is not done.

selamat pagi cikgu
2. Those rhythmic greetings to the teacher.
It’s a universal greeting rhythm that is within all students in Malaysia.

3. Hoping the fire drill alarm to ring when you are in a class with your not so favourite teacher

4. “Spotcheck!”
..and you go hiding your handphones every single place you can as long they are not caught, even your inner garments

5. Hari Terbuka
The most awaited day by teachers and parents but the scariest day for us

6. “Recycled” football
No ball? Plastic bottle and tins are good enough to kick and play

7. Gossips
“I don’t know how that guy fell for that girl also…”
“I heard she ran away from home with her boyfriend…”
“I think the science lab is haunted lah..”

8. Perhimpunan rasmi
The longest hours we have to assemble and hear all those boring speeches which we are really not interested

conteng meja-compressed
9. Scribbling on school table and your teacher would start repeating “Jangan conteng meja” over and over again

10. You like to go to the school library not to read, but for the air-conditioner

11. Waiting for the bell to ring for recess and to go back
..and you will be running out from the classroom like nobody’s business!

12. That look your teacher gives you when you remind her “Cikgu, dah habis masa!”

habis spm
13. The happiest feeling you get when your teacher says, “buat kerja sendiri”

14. Tucking in your shirts inside the pants as soon you see your discipline teacher few meters away

15. Cutting fingernails before assembly so that you won’t get caught for “kuku panjang”

16. Entering the class and going straight to the back seats on the first day of your school

17. That unsatisfied moment when your teacher separates you and your friends from sitting together in class especially if all are from the same races
..and now, you would feel that those are some moments to be cherished that you will never get back in your life….
Typical Malaysian Schooling Life [Part 1]

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