Types of Malaysians on WhatsApp Group

whatsapp group malaysia

1. The one who always ask for ‘yumcha’

2. Voice message sender. This person replies to your message by sending a short voice message…Seriously! What if we are in a meeting or something!?

voice messages

3. Rooster’s crow – They send messages too early in the morning..This is damnnnnn annoying!

annoying whatsapp users

4. Speaking of annoying…there is always this two people who will argue a point in a WhatsApp group causing constant beeping on your smartphone

5. The “traveler” – This type of person goes to many nice places and they send pictures in the group just to make us jealous..And all you want to do is stab them in the face cause of how lucky they are

nice view and shit

6. The food paparazzi – That’s right!! These people does not only exist in the Instagram world, they also exist in a WhatsApp group

nasi lemak

7. The horny species – He/she is the first one to reply IF the conversation is about sex

at least talk about sex

8. No one really cares about the group more than this person..He/she constantly edits the image and the name of the group

9. The person who never says a word in the group..BUT if there is a group outing, he/she will be there!

get invited

10. The one that you shouldn’t invite into the group in the first place…This person basically annoys everyone in the group

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