Types of Malaysian Boys We Date/Dated

malaysian guys dating

1. The Player

This kind of guys are dangerous and once you are under his spell, you are basically going to end up with a broken heart

2. The Gamer

the gamer gif

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3. The Nerd

They might be a little shy and weird compared to any other guys out there. But they are certainly good lovers

4. The One Who Never Answer Your Calls


 We know you guys do it on purpose

5. The One Who Is Gay But Has Not Figure It Out Yet

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6. The Sports Machine

sports machine

We know you love doing outdoor activities like futsal, badminton and so on. But some of us are not fit for this kind of shit, so don’t bring us out on some kind of “sports date”

7. The One That Loves You More Than You Love Him

It feels good to date this guy but at times, it gets annoying

8. The Materialistic

gucci belt

That’s right!! Materialism also exist in guys. At times we see him wearing a belt that’s more expensive than our whole outfit

9. The Sex Maniac

Seriously! Control yourself!

10. The Businessman

busy man

All he think about is money, money, money!

11. The One Who Doesn’t Give a Shit About Anything

thnk i giive

Well, this kind of guys are suitable to be a rebound

12. The One Who Loves His Car More Than Anything Else

love car

We know you love your car…but seriously! You can’t have sex with your car!!

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