Types of Food That You Should Try In an Indian Restaurant

1. Roti Bom
It looks usually served for dessert. Looks like the roti canai. 
Roti Bom
2. Idiyappam
 is a traditional Tamil, Kerala, Kodava, Tulu and Sri Lankan food consisting of rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed.
3. Idli
–  is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households. It is popular throughout India and neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka.
4. Puri
it is an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread It is eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal. 
5. Bru Coffee
Bru Coffee is India’s largest coffee brand. Taste better than Nescafe. 
6. Ravaa Tosai
 It is made with rava, especially Bombay rava or semolina, which doesn’t require fermentation and is usually considered a light meal.
7. Appam
– is a type of South Indian pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. 
8. Vade or Vadai
 it is a savoury fritter-type snack from South India
9. Rasam
–  it is a South Indian soup,  traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, chilli pepper, pepper,cumin and other spices as seasoning.
Broccoli Rasam2
10. Payasam
  a South Asian rice pudding made by boiling rice, broken wheat, tapioca, or vermicelli with milk and sugar; it is flavoured with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashew nuts, pistachios or almonds. It is typically served during a meal or as a dessert.


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