Two missing brothers in Sungai Perak found dead this morning

sungai perak drown incident
On Thursday, two brothers were reported missing by their parents. They were last seen bathing with some friends in Sungai Perak which is near Batu Musafat in Mekut. 

Unfortunately, both of them were found dead earlier this morning. According to a spokesman from the Perak Fire & Rescue Department, Meor Mohamad Izzat Mazinun, 14, was found at Chegar Galah which is 5KM away from where they were last seen. He added that his brother, Meor Mohamad Fahmi, 11, was found 18KM further from the incident site.

Both bodies were recovered between 9am and 9.25am.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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