Two Malaysians robbed RM1.5 million in cash from a money changer in Singapore

malaysian robs money changer in singapore
Two Malaysians were charged on Friday (14th November 2014) for robbing a money changer of SGD600,000 (RM1.55 million) in Singapore.
They are both known as Tachana Moorthy Peromal, 28 and Ravi Sandhira Sagaran, 27. According to the police, there are 5 men believed to have been involved in the robbery. Two of them have been charged and the other three remaining are currently still under remand and they will appear again in court on the 21st of November 2014.
According to sources, the suspects are believed to have waited for their victim (Ali Yousouf Saiboo, 35) in the carpark (Block 110 Aljunied Crescent) and attacked him at about 12:53am. Source also claimed that one of the suspect was armed with a crowbar and the rest of the suspects kicked the victim in the stomach multiple times before taking off with the cash.

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