TV Shows Malaysian born in the early 90s will remember watching


1. Gerak Khas

gerak khas

2. Cili Padi

cili padi

3. Journey to the West – The only Chinese TV show that all Malay, Chinese & Indian watches

journey to the west 1996

4. Phua Chu Kang – The only Singaporean TV show that we Malaysians watched

phua chu kang

5. Bawang Putih Bawang Merah – If you are in the morning session school, then you will be back and all ready in front of your TV by 2.30pm

bawang putih bawang merah

6. Spanar Jaya

spanar jaya

7. Istana Takeshi – This was way better than the current TV Show called Wipe-out

istana takeshi

8. Chinna Papa Periya Papa – Most of the Indians will know this

chinna papa periya papa

9. Kisah Benar

[Couldn’t find an image for this]

10. Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Adakah Jawapan Anda Muktamad?

who wants to be a millionaire

11. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

pi mai pi mai tang tu

12. Roda Impian – Remember Halim Othman? WANG BESAR! WANG BESAR! WANG BESAR!

roda impian

13. Senario – They even had the 3D versions back then where they force us to buy their “3D spectacles” made out of cardboard (And we actually bought it)


14. ER


15. Mr. Bean

mr bean

16. The X-Files


17. Kopitiam

18. Jangan Ketawa

jangan ketawa

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