Top Illegal Gangs in Malaysia Revealed

gangs in malaysia

This list here is coming from the home ministry and it’s very surprising that there are 49 Gangs on the list for a small country like Malaysia. That’s right! 49! 

NumberGang Name
1.Geng 04
2.Geng 08
3. Double 7
4. Tiga Line
5. Geng 30
6.Geng 38
7.Geng 24
8.Geng 18
9.Geng 36
10.Geng 21
11.Ang Soon Thong
12.Wah Kee
13.Sio Sam Ong
15.Hong Hong San
16.Hai San
17.Sin Ang Bin
18.New Cell 20
19.Jit It Hai
20.Sio Koon Thong
21.Gee Lam Kor
22.Gee Ah Eng
23.Loh Kuan
24.Tiang Yee Tong
25.Geng Leng Hor
26.Geng 35
27.Geng 303
28.Geng Satu Hati
30.Hung Ann
31.Sui Yup
33.Borneo Red EMP
34.Ah Ngau
35.Batu Tiga
36.Ah Feng
37.Batu 10
38.Sibu Ti
39.Ah Seng
40.Ah Chin
41.Lee Lung
42.Lo Han
43.Sg Merah
44.Sg Badut
45.Ting Ching Lee
46.Tua Cak Lek
47.Teksi Station
48.Pintu Merah

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