Top 8 Must Visit Waterfalls in Malaysia

waterfalls in malaysia

Planning for a trip in Malaysia at times could be a little difficult as there are many places to visit. Same goes for a “back to nature trip”, especially when it comes to waterfalls. Here’s our list of the best waterfalls that would make you feel like being in heaven.

8. Ulu Geruntum Waterfall, Perak

ulu geruntum


7. Chilling Falls, Selangor

chilling falls selangor


6. Jerangkang Falls, Pahang

jerangkang falls pahang


5. Seminyang Falls, Pahang

seminyang falls pahang


4. Lata Kinjang, Perak

lata kinjang tapah perak


3. Pos Dipang, Perak

pos dipang waterfall perak


2. Giam Klimau, Sarawak

giam klimau sarawak


1. Maxwell Hill Fall, Perak

maxwell hill fall perak
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