Top 7 Features Of The Apple Watch


What we know so far about the Apple Watch that it is priced at $349 (about RM1,200 in Malaysia) and that it will be only released until early next year . What we know so far about the Apple Watch:

1. We know that the Apple Watch requires an iPhone to work but it doesn’t only have to be an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The watch works fine with the rest of the iPhone models (iPhone 5s, 5c and iPhone 5).
2. The Apple Watch will also support third party apps. During the launching event, several companies such as Facebook, Twitter, American Airlines, Nike and BMW were mention. Apple will also release an API so that app makers can access all the features in the watch.


3. If you think that your fingers are too fat for using the pinch to zoom on a watch face, user interface is controlled through a dial called the digital crown. You can scroll up and down to select any apps or even zoom in and zoom out of a map.
4. The Apple Watch is build with a lot of sensors. The zirconium back houses four sapphire lenses can detect your pulse via infrared. Not only that but it also have a feature called gyrometer and accelerometer. This means you can raise your wrist and the display will be activated. It also works with the Health app on iOS 8.
5. This watch also looks pretty slick. It comes with two sizes (large an small) It comes with three different lines. The basic line has a stainless steel case, the sport version is made out of anodized aluminium while the Watch Edition is made of hardened 18 karat gold.


6. Another cool feature that the Apple Watch has is that you can communicate from wrist to wrist with a friend with a feature called Digital Touch. You can share drawings sketched on the Apple Watch, share your heartbeat and many more.
7. Siri is built into the Apple Watch, so you can use it to look up directions, weather and local movie times right from your wrist.

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