Top 5 Free Android Daily Apps You MUST Have!


No. 5 – Alarm Clock Plus

This is quite self-explanatory. This alarm clock app could kickstart your day without worrying about being late. You can set several alarms at once, each with a different ringtone. Talk about noise! If that is not enough for you, there is a math’s feature so that you will need to solve it in order to disarm the alarm. Well you should know its really time to get up from bed this way or you can choose to bear with the noise while trying to continue sleeping. You will need to TRY hard.


No. 4 – Dropbox

Dropbox is the solution for you to stay organized. Store your documents, photos, videos or just about any file in a secured server and access them through any web browser or your mobile devices. With only an internet collection, you can access to all your important data instantly. Never worry about losing your files again incase you lose your mobile device.


No. 3 – Tweet Deck

For all you social media lovers, this is a great app for you. TweetDeck integrates Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare into one single and convenient app for your android devices. If you have more than 1 accounts, it is also possible to add multiple logins. Yep, more excuses to get you gluing to your phone.


No. 2 – Evernote


When you need to jot down important information, this app would be your best buddy. To stay productive, taking important notes in a meeting or a lecture, to-do list, grocery list or just about anything, Evernote is your digital notepad. This app makes your task or important info easily searchable, with additional features of photo capture and voice recording too. Do not forget Evernote, and you will not forget about anything ever again.


No. 1 – Flipboard

Stay up to date with the latest news. Your personalized social magazine at the palm of your hands. What is interesting is that you can expose yourself to hundreds and thousands of news daily with just a flip of your fingers across your phone screen.  Read interesting facts, news, business, automotive or just about anything. There has to be something of your interest in this must have app!

Written by Chris.K