Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

10 Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go you can catch right now

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10. Charizard 

charizard in the wild

Max CP: 2,602

Charizard is a good attacking Pokemon which can potentially reach a maximum of 2,602 CP.

9. Muk

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Max CP: 2, 602

You might be surprise how Muk made it to this list. Actually Muk is a pretty good defense Pokemon that you can place in a gym

8. Flareon

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Max CP: 2,642

Flareon is the second strongest of the Eevee evolutions. Like Vaporeon, it can deal high damage fast regardless of it’s level.

7. Gyarados

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Max CP: 2,688

The mighty Gyarados can reach to a maximum of 2,688 CP. Although this would require 400 magikarp candies to evolve, we suggest you to get one of the strongest CP magikarp to evolve. So you will get have a strong Gyarados amongst your Pokemons

6. Vaporeon


Max CP: 2,816

Vaporeon is apparently the strongest of the 3 Eevee evolutions. It was considered an OP (Over powered) Pokemon for awhile until Niantic nerfed it but it is still the strongest among the 3 evolutions. It has fast attacks and a pretty high hp.

5. Exeggutor

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Max CP: 2,995

Exeggutor is a pretty tough Pokemon and it is pretty well balanced in terms of attack, defense and speed.

4. Lapras 


Max CP: 2,980

Lapras is another strong defense Pokemon with a max CP of about 2,980. Lapras might not be the fastest attacker out there but it’s high health and defense which attackers would struggle to take it down.

3. Arcanine


Max CP: 2,983

The fire Pokemon that evolves from Growlithe has a max cp about 2,983. Arcanine is a good Pokemon to assault any enemy gym. Arcanine has a high attack speed and damage.

2. Snorlax


Max CP: 3,112

Snorlax is not a very easy Pokemon to find. He is the second best Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Go. Because of his extremely high defense and health makes him one of the best Pokemon to defend a gym

1. Dragonite 


Max CP: 3,500

The strongest Pokemon you can ever get so far in Pokemon Go is a Dragonite. He can reach to a maximum of 3,500 which is only second to Mewtwo (when he comes out). Dragonite is one of the best Pokemon to attack or defend a gym.

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