Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

10 most expensive watches in the world
The feeling of owning a watch and owning a brand new car is completely different. For most of us, watches are just a small piece of machine that tells us the time, for the rest of us that loves and admire them knows that a fine piece of machine can satisfy you more than just owning a Lamborghini. 
We have been surfing the world wide web for about 4 days now to look for the most expensive watches in the world and below we have compiled the results that we discover in the specific period of time.

10. Frank Muller Aeternitas Mega 4: Priced at US$2,700,000 or RM9,034,200

frank muller mega 4

The brand Frank Muller was founded back in 1991 by Frank Muller himself. The company is based in Geneva and this model above known as Aeternitas Mega 4 Grande Sonnerie Westminster Carillon is was built and designed by him as well. This flagship wristwatch by the company comes with 36 complications and about 1,438 individual components which now holds the record of the world’s most complicated watch built.

9. Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523: Priced at US$2,900,000 or RM9,703,400

patek philippe most expensive wrist watch

Patek Philippe & C0. was founded back in 1852, however, the Polish watchmaker, Antoni Patek, started making pocket watches about 15 years before the company was established. For those of you who are looking to invest your money in high end watches, then Patek Philippe is probably the best option as its value WILL appreciate.

8. Patek Philippe 1895/1927 Yellow Gold Minute Repeating: Priced at US$3,000,000 or RM10,038,000

patek philippe for woman

With an original reserves of US$600,000, this exact timepiece went on to be the most expensive watch ever sold at a Sotheby’s auction fetching exactly US$2.994 million. Part of the collection of Henry Graves, Jr., the movement dates all the way back to 1895 while the case is from 1927.

7. Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel: Priced at US$3,850,000 or RM12,882,100

tourbillon watch

The tourbillion and the carrousel (karussel) are two of the major devices aimed at reducing gravity-related effects on the running of the movement. For the first time in horological history, Blancpain introduces a wristwatch combining this two regulators.

6. Patek Philippe 1939 Platinum World Time: Priced at US$4,026,000 or RM13,470,996

patek philippe world time

Not many people out there know about this historic wristwatch as its one of the rarest watches in the world. All we know about it is that this little machine was sold for a whopping US$4,026,524 back in 2002.

5. Louis Moinet “Meteoris”: Priced at US$4,600,000 or RM15,391,600

meteoris by louis

The inventor of the chronograph’s legacy lives on through collections like this. Technically this is a set of watches, but because these four tourbillon sell for a whopping US$4.6 million, we in FunnyMalaysia.NET figured they were worth a spot on the list. But whats interesting about this watch is the fact that it was made using pieces not only from the moon, but also a Mars meteorite and an asteroid. 

4. Breguet & Fils, Paris, No. 2667 Precision: Priced at US$4,700,000 or RM15,726,200

most expensive watch in paris

This brand is another member of the Swatch Group. The brand was founded back in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Its also the most expensive timepiece the brand built.

3. Patek Philippe 1943 Watch Ref. 1527: Priced at US$5,500,000 or RM18,403,000

latest most expensive watch by patek philippe

This vintage timepiece here was made back in 1943 and its currently considered as the most expensive wristwatch ever made. It was sold for US$5.5 million at Christie’s auction in Geneva 4 years ago which is in 2010.

2. Patek Philippe Caliber 89 Pocket Watch: Priced at US$6,000,000 or RM20,076,000

most expensive hand watch

This pocket watch here was created in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. It weighs 1.1kg, exhibits 24 hands and it has about 1,728 components in total. On top of that, 75 percent of the pocket watch is made of gold and it took about 10 years to complete building it.

1. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication: Priced at US$11,000,000 or RM36,806,000

most expensive pocket watch by patek philippe

According to Patek Philippe, before the Caliber 89 Pocket Watch was built, this Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch was the most complicated watch. Sotheby’s experts predicted that the watch would fetch no more than US$5 million at the auction, but with the increased competition, this amazing machine was sold for a whopping US$11,002,500!