Top 10 most corrupted countries in the world

A global anti-corruption group said Monday that nearly US$1 trillion (S$1.31trillion) was illicitly drained from developing countries in 2012, representing a record level of corruption, money laundering and false trade documentation.
The Washington-based group Global Financial Integrity said illicit financial flows around the world grew at 9.4 per cent a year in the decade to 2012, around double the pace of economic growth, draining funds especially from impoverished countries.
The largest outflows came from giant, still poorly-regulated economies like Brazil, China, India and Russia, GFI’s new report says.
Money illicitly streamed out of China at a rate of about US$125 billion annually over that period, for instance.
But also in the top 10 country sources of illegal capital outflows are a number of dynamic middle-sized economies: Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.
1. China – Illicit capital outflow of: US$249.57 billion

china corruption

2. Russia – Illicit capital outflow of: US$122.86 billion

russia corruption

3. India – Illicit capital outflow of: US$94.76 billion

india corruption

4. Mexico – Illicit capital outflow of: US$59.66 billion

india corruption

5. Malaysia – Illicit capital outflow of: US$48.93 billion

malaysia world champion

6. Saudi Arabia – Illicit capital outflow of: US$46.53 billion

Saudi women look at jewelry at a gold fair in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saturday, March 21, 2009. A Saudi human rights group has criticized the kingdom's religious police, saying its members sometimes commit acts that infringe on people's rights. In the report issued Monday March 23, 2009, the National Society for Human Rights, calls for better defining the powers of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which runs the religious police. The commission has come under stinging criticism by Saudis who feel it oversteps boundaries while enforcing the strict interpretation of Sunni Islam followed in the kingdom. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar).

7. Thailand – Illicit capital outflow of: US$35.56 billion

thailand corruption-compressed

8. Brazil – Illicit capital outflow of: US$33.93 billion

brazil corruption

9. South Africa – Illicit capital outflow of: US$29.13 billion

south africa corruption

10. Costa Rica – Illicit capital outflow of: US$21.55 billion

costa rica corruption-compressed

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