Top 10 Highest Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia

Did You Know?
In Malaysia, a fresh graduate average pay is RM2,100

A recent Nielsen survey based on the job seekers in Malaysia showed that we Malaysians when it comes to choosing a job, salary is the most important consideration.

Jobstreet did a study and found out the Top 10 Highest Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia. The study showed that most jobs in the top 10 list tend to be technical or science based.

10. IT – Software
      RM2,452 monthly


9. Sales – Corporate
    RM2, 456 monthly

Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman
Ah Wing – Malaysia’s Number 1 Salesman

8. Actuarial Science
    RM2,475 monthly

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7. Aviation
    RM2,533 monthly


6. Geophysics 
    RM2,600 monthly


5. Sales – Engineering/IT
    RM2,612 monthly


4. Doctor
    RM2,719 monthly 


3. Sales – Financial Services 
    RM3,054 monthly 


2. Corporate Strategy
    RM3,045 monthly


1. Pharmacy
    RM3,640 monthly  


Fresh graduates in Malaysia can expect to get an average salary of RM2,100 per month. Those in Pharmacy can earn RM3,600 as their starting wage. Executives doing corporate strategy come in second, earning a basic pay of RM3,200. Take note that these are just basic salaries, and do not include any other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance and incentives.

On average, fresh graduates earn anywhere between RM1,500 and RM3,600 with the average being RM2,100 across most industries.

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